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Angry Red Button

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redAngry Red Button is a rather unusual flash game with interesting dialogues and plot. As you might know, everyone wants to push the red button, but sometimes it is really annoying. The red button is tired of being clicked and decides to take a rest and fing a safe place. The game consists of chapters - in the first chapter you will see the talk between buttons where the red button is telling his friends about it's problems and decide to run away. Your mission is to bring nightmare to the life of angry red button. Click it all the time and you will notice how furious it will become. As you progress in the game, the red button will become more and more faster. You will need all your reflexes to click it. It may fly in the sky or jump like crazy to get rid of you. Angry Red Button is a type of game you have never played before. I am sure that you will enjoy this interesting game at the official homepage of the game -